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GO Transit - MetrolinxGO MP40PH-3C 606

GO consist being serviced at Willowbrook Yard
Andrea ZaratinDec 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO MP40PH-3C 607

Eastbound Lakeshore West running through Mimico/Willowbrook Yard
Andrea ZaratinDec 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO MP40PH-3C 622

Westbound Lakeshore West running through Mimico/Willowbrook Yard
Andrea ZaratinDec 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO MP40PH-3C 634 / GO MP40PH-3C 632 / GO F59PH 564 / GO MP40PH-3C 608

Spare engines sitting at Willowbrook Yard, GO's main maintenance and storage facility
Andrea ZaratinDec 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO Bi-levels stored at VIA's Mimico YardAndrea ZaratinMay 14, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxAndrea ZaratinMay 12, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO rolling stock shunting at Willowbrook YardAndrea ZaratinMay 12, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxAndrea ZaratinMay 12, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxLakeshore West GO train running through Willowbrook/Mimico Yard on the Oakville sub.Andrea ZaratinMay 12, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxEastbound Lakeshore West LOCAL service pulling out of Exhibition station.Andrea ZaratinFeb 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxLakeshore West LOCAL service to Burlington approaching Exhibition station during the busy afternoon rush hours. This section of the Oakville sub. has four tracks and is a major commuter trains corridor. The two outer ones are used by GO LOCAL services and empty equipment movements, while the two central ones are used by GO EXPRESS services and VIA trains.Andrea ZaratinFeb 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxBarrie GO train crawling through the southernmost part of the CN Weston Sub. This shot was taken from Strachan Ave. grade crossing and soon it will be no longer possible. The Toronto Airport Express in fact will use this line and a bridge is being built to separate the railway from road traffic completely and accommodate this significant traffic increase.Andrea ZaratinFeb 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxGeorgetown GO train pulling into the CN Weston sub. at Strachan Ave.Andrea ZaratinFeb 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxMilton GO train leaving the Union Station Railway CorridorAndrea ZaratinFeb 23, 2011
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO F59PH 555 / GO F59PH 563

After the massive deliveries of MP40PH-3C engines GO Transit has decided to retire the F59s. Right now only 8 units are active and it has been really nice to catch 4 of them in one "spotting session". Some engines have been sold to VIA Rail and operate long distance trains in the northern Quebec area, others operate commuter trains for AMT Montreal.

A seguito delle innumerevoli consegne di potenti locomotive MP40PH-3C GO ha deciso di "disfarsi" del gruppo EMD F59PH. Attualmente solo 8 unità risultano attive in Ontario ed è stata una vera sorpresa incontrarne 4 a distanza di pochi minuti. Alcune locomotive sono state cedute a Via Rail che le impiega in testa a treni a lunga percorrenza nel Quebec settentrionale (probabilmente per far fronte alla temporanea indisponibilità di F40PH-2, interessante da un elaborato processo di revisione), altre unità sono state vendute ad AMT Montreal che le impega nei suoi "variegati" treni pendolari (vedi album).
Andrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO F59PH 563 / GO F59PH 555

The current abundance of engines allows GO to operate trains with two F59 and improve the overall system efficiency
Andrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO F59PH 560 / GO F59PH 556

F59-hauled consist shunting from Willowbrook to Union for the evening rush
Andrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO F59PH 556 / GO F59PH 560

F59PH engines are about to be completely replaced by the MP40s and leave GO Transit forever. Their last services are operated as double engined 10 cars consists to improve their limited acceleration.
Andrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO MP40PH-3C 633 / GO MP40PH-3C 606

Lakeshore West GO train to Oakville on the Oakville sub. MP40 engines can operate solo up to 12 cars consists, some trains however are still pushed by two locomotives.
Andrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO MP40PH-3C 635

Lakeshore West EXPRESS GO train to Hamilton running on the CN Oakville sub. Express service is available on the lakeshore line during rush hours only.
Andrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO MP40PH-3C 647

GO consists shunting from Willowbrook Yard to Union station just in time for the evening rush. 12 pieces is the heaviest compisition MP40 engines can handle.
Andrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxGO bi-level consists meeting on the SunnysideAndrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxLakeshore West GO train to Burlington crawling through the "Toronto Sunnyside" area on the CN Oakville subdivisionAndrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxLakeshore West GO train to Union running through west end TorontoAndrea ZaratinNov 07, 2010
GO Transit - MetrolinxLakeshore West GO trains running at different levels on the Union Station rail corridor.Andrea ZaratinJun 18, 2010

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