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Valtion Rautatiet - VR
Dr12 2216 jää hänen nenä vuonna aurinko on Kuggom. Of cours hän halua aiheuttaa hieno kuva ...

Dr12 2216 stays with his nose in the sun at Kuggom. Of cours he whant to pose for a nice picture...
VR_Dr12_2216_Kuggom_(101).jpg VR_Dr13_2343_Mantyluoto_(101).jpg VR_Dr12_2216_Kuggom_(101).jpg
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फाईल का नाम:VR_Dr12_2216_Kuggom_(101).jpg
एल्बम का नाम:Eiob / VR Diesel Locomotives - VR Dieselveturit - Locomotive diesel VR
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की-शब्द:VR_2200_Diesel_Locomotives VR_2216_Diesel_Locomotives Valtion_Rautatiet
Location of this Picture ::Kuggom
Your website or notice ::60° 29' 32" North, 26° 11' 11" East
Your Email adress ::aaveff@yahoo.de
Rail-line number / From - to ::24.09.2005
फाईल का आकार:110 KB
तारीख को जोडी गयी:जून 09, 2009
आकार-प्रकार:1024 x 768 पिक्सल्स
दिखाई गयी:311 बार
डिजिटाइज्ड तारीख समय:2005:09:24 13:06:32
मोडल:Canon PowerShot A300
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maerco  [जून 10, 2009 at 10:38 AM]
tekken  [जून 10, 2009 at 03:05 PM]
it's looks like a legacy American style. Is this a special train for sightseeing?